Is the so-called “variety” musical genre lacking in modern creations?
Jean Waterkeyn (J.DAN' name artiste) thinks so!
This is why a new musical movement has emerged with the creation of songs about the future.
What could be more logical at the time of the conquest of space!
This new musical movement has its mark with the name "music galaxies song ©"
(Music and songs from the bottom of the Universe).

Below is the I.N.P.I logo in France


Why this name? This musical genre is aimed first at creators of French and French-speaking songs, then at those from abroad,
who will be asked for this adventure ...
For example the titles of the songs: 3150 message du futur © - Né trop tôt © - Le visiteur extra-terrestre © ... Others are in preparation ...
A call is made to authors, composers or singer-songwriters wishing to open up to this new musical genre.

Extract from the song "Né trop tôt (c)"     Extract from the song "Le visiteur extra-terrestre (c)" Extract from the song "3150 message du futur (c)"  


THE CRITERIA: Have the imagination to obtain sounds from space
with a melodic line for lyrics
and thus create a song as for the titles mentioned above


Contacts: email (guaranteed answer).

Contact: Jean Waterkeyn - singer-songwriter - SACEM member in France
The trademark "music galaxies song" has been registered with the I.N.P.I. in France
The songs: Né trop tôt, Le visiteur extra-terrestre et 3150 message du futur are deposited and protected at SACEM in France

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